Animo is a digital wellness platform focused on audio content to democratize the personal trainer experience. It offers on-demand audio classes with the best trainers accompanied by the best music.

hCentrix uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to improve healthcare decision making and decrease sinistrality. The startup provides integrated and qualified patient information for healthcare providers at the time of approval or denial of any procedure.

RetailApp is a mobile application that brings critical KPI data to decision-makers in retail businesses, connecting the entire company. It creates real KPI culture helping retailers to increase sales and enhance margins through the development and deployment of innovative retail technologies.

Worldpackers is a worldwide online marketplace that connects hosts and travelers through the exchange of skills for accommodation. The startup is a community based on collaboration and honest relationships that make travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience.

ARVORE is an immersive storytelling company that creates, designs, produces and develops state of the art interactive experiences and games for high-end immersive platforms. Its content includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

iugu is a financial infrastructure that empowers the new generation of businesses. Its technology is easy to integrate, allowing companies to quickly automate their financial workflow - from receiving to making payments.

Social Miner is a marketing automation platform that applies machine learning and storytelling to engage consumers and improve sales. It focuses on increasing conversion rates and LTV by humanizing the relationship between brands and consumers.

Back4App is a platform that helps developers create apps up to 4 times faster. It automates and accelerates back-end app development with no infrastructure hassles. Back4App is the world’s most popular Parse Server platform. It allows development teams to focus on the creation of better user experiences instead of worrying about complex infrastructure.

Jawbone Health is at the forefront of revolutionizing primary care for millions of patients worldwide. The startup is based in Silicon Valley and focuses on healthcare solution to measure, collect and read health care clinical data from individuals. Therefore, it can catch lifestyle diseases early and guide the user toward a healthier life, preventing future diseases.

Tevec optimizes supply chain logistics with predictive machine learning algorithms. The solution offers accurate identification of behavior patterns and assertive demand forecasts. Tevec solves the problem of stockout, losses and excess inventory in retail market. The startup applies machine learning algorithms to predict demand with up to 97% of accuracy.

EduQC is an adaptive learning startup that seeks to disrupt the education segment. It uses artificial intelligence to empower self-learning students. Therefore, it focuses on improving the student's learning process, instead of applying a specific content.

Medicinia is a cross-platform technology that efficiently distributes information among healthcare institutions, practitioners and patients. Their platform was conceived by physicians who know that texting, e-mail, phone calls, or social media are not the best way of communicating with patients. Patients require safe, professional, undivided attention, provided by Medicinia through its content management platform and app., a deep tech startup based in Redwood City, CA, uses state of the art computational geometry and artificial intelligence to help businesses generate and scale 3D content. Their first solution takes ordinary 2D product photos and, fully automatically, turns them into high-quality 3D models.