Worldpackers is a community based on collaboration and honest relationships that make travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience. Through an online platform, we connect travelers - looking to exchange their skills for accommodation - with incredible hosts from all around the world.
— Worldpackers team

We are an immersive storytelling company, ready to create, design, produce and develop state of the art interactive experiences and games for all current and future high end immersive platforms, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.
— Arvore team

Back4app helps developers create apps up to 4 times faster. Our platform automates back-end development and lets you scale your app with no infrastructure hassles. We are the world’s most popular Parse Server platform, helping you focus on the creation of amazing user experiences and forgetting about complex infrastructure.
— Back4App team

iugu is a financial infrastructure that empowers the new generation of businesses. We allow companies to be more efficient by automating the entire financial workflow, from receiving the money from the customer to the payment to the supplier.
— iugu team

We use technology to bring people closer – health care teams, physicians, and patients. Our web-based platform was conceived by physicians who know that texting, e-mail, phone calls, or social media are not the best way of communicating with patients. Patients require safe, professional, undivided attention, provided by Medicinia through its content management platform and app.
— Medicinia team

Pet Delícia is the first truly natural wet pet food in the Brazilian market. Our mission is to feed all pet dogs and cats with what they like and with what makes them healthy. We have a innovative portfolio of all-natural recipes balanced for health, taste and well-being of pets.
— Pet Delícia team